With the growing awareness, a lot of homeowners and food outlets are installing water purifiers. A water purifier intakes the raw water, eliminates the excess minerals and salts and harmful microorganisms and then dispense the safe drinking water. Many people claim that boiling water also does the same thing, but this is a myth; even if you boil water for 15-20 minutes you cannot kill the entire microorganisms and viruses. It is important to be aware of the various devices and equipments that are available in the market to make the tap water fit to drink. For more information you can visit the site- livehealthy.fit/collections/water-purifiers.  Purifying water also makes it better. Since water is needed for 80% of household activities like cleaning, drinking, washing, bathing, cooking so it is imperative to purify the water. The best part about water purifier devices is that it is easy to maintain. You do not need to daily replace the water filter, periodically once in a blue moon the filter needs to be changed. Because of increasing competition, dealers are offering water purifier at economical rates.

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Methods of purifying water-

  1. Distillation water purifiers– Most of the devices use this method to purify water. Under this method water is distilled; in this manner the harmful or the excess mineral transforms into gaseous form. The carbon filter absorbs the harmful chemical and excess minerals and the safe water is dispatched. This carbon filter is needed to be changed timely.
  2. Gravity filtration system– Gravitational filtration is used to remove heavy particles from water. It is one of the most effective manners to purify water. The membrane of the gravity system removes the harmful bacteria and viruses. It efficiently removes microorganisms like salmonella that causes cholera. With the rampant increase in technology, this method of cleaning water has achieved new heights. It is easy to maintain system of purifying water.