Have you ever tried just about any type of nutrition supplement while training your body? If you have, then you might be aware that they have their share of limitations. But when it comes to over the counter steroids, they can give you faster results. However, it makes sense that you do not believe them to give miraculous results. In fact, you can enjoy the most practical and efficient results only when you get authentic, good quality products from reliable suppliers. Here is more to it.

The Hidden Truth

A group of steroid spontaneously carried a survey on various drug suppliers. When asked about ‘legal’ non-prescription products, a number of people would simply end up saying that they have hardly got anything of that type. Very few vendors hesitatingly offered to check the stock with their manager. So if you take a careful walk through the online stores, as well as the pharmaceuticals, you will see that none of them would claim their products to be legal and absolutely safe.

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Why Don’t Reputed Stores Offer OTC Drugs?

The answer remains very simple and straightforward in this regard. The reputed sports nutrient supplement vendors would not offer products that can be potentially harmful to its users. You cannot get legal steroids until a registered and practicing doctor does not prescribe it in black and white. Moreover, the USA government has banned the consumption, use, and storage of most of the anabolic androgenic steroids in 2001. Since then, the top online stores have stopped vending it altogether. Of course, you will see a number of online shops offering bodybuilding supplements. They advertise such products as alternatives for OTC steroids. What you need to understand that such products are, in no way, steroids. Most of them are basically protein shakes, mass gainers, and basic amino acid supplements that come with a little bit of modification. The FDA is entitled to put all supplements off shelve if it finds any product that escaped their radar.

About Legal Products

You will see a number of online shops offering ‘legal’ steroids for good deals. And the management of such stores confidently maintains that the non-prescription products are absolutely safe for one and all. Let us give a reality check. Most of the bodybuilding steroids that you use are allowed for therapeutic purposes. So if a doctor actually prescribes the right type of steroid to treat the right indications, then getting steroids legally becomes easy. As for example, some of the steroids used to treat asthma, skin conditions like hives, low back pain, inflammation and similar functions are also the ones that promote healthy weight gain and muscle development. Getting them for treating ailments is not tricky. However, if you take it for bodybuilding purposes, then you might face a hard time. This is because most of such steroids come sandwiched with other things, such as a pill to check asthma. They contain a minimal amount of steroids. It is not going to help you big time to make it in the bodybuilding competitions.