There are many products in the market that are being sold on a regular basis for losing weight. You can get positive results from these products. But there are very few products that can give you guaranteed results without any side effect. Clenbuterol is the name of one of the products you can use along with avoiding the side effects. With its right prescribed dosage, you can have results faster. It is generally a fat burning product. The dosage varies from person to person according to the body fat.


It has been recommended for both men and women because it gives results without side effects. With the right dosing schedule of Clenbuterol, men can take much more without side effects. It can be harmful if it is not taken in proper way.Clenbuterol is most preferred fat burning product in the market. It is legalized in some countries but you have to provide a prescription for getting it in other countries.

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The Dosage

Dosage remains the same for both new users and old users. Men are recommended to take 40mcg per day while women can take 20 mcg and get the result. Clenbuterol should be taken as per the recommendation because it can be dangerous if it is not taken properly. It should be taken in the morning before workouts. You can have sleep difficulties if you intake clenbuterol at night. You should check if you are having any side effects within the 3-4 days of dosage. You can increase your dosage by 20 mcg per day. Women can have a faster result as compared to men with the minimum amount of dosage.

How much is taken?

Men can take 140mcg per day which is and max amount for them while in case of women 100 mcg is best for them. If you intake more than this amount you can have harmful and dangerous side effects. This steroid has an inhalation method. 2weeks on and 2weeks off is one of the clenbuterol dosage cycles you can follow. 2days on and 2 days off is also a famous Clenbuterol cycle. A beginner should avoid excess dosages; low dosage will be effective and harmless. You should take at least 48 hours gap between the dosages because the dose stays in your body for two days. The clenbuterol dosage can be different on the basis of the type of clenbuterol you are using. It is always better to take a gap after a steroid cycle as it can give you results in a much faster way. Too much of this steroidcycle makes your organs losses sensitivity, you should discontinue your cycle after to gain sensitivity of your organs.

This steroid is available in different forms other than Pills like gels, drops, liquids, and sprays. Each of the forms has different dosage amount. With these forms, men can take much more without side effects. Clenbuterol keeps its metabolism for at least five to six weeks.Clenbuterol adapts with your body easily and provides results within 2-3 weeks of usage.