Many people avoid eating eggs for reasons of their own. They state that these food item can lead to an increase in your cholesterol levels, result in obesity and enhance your chances of suffering from diabetes. However, many prominent medical experts and nutritionists explain the recent medical research shows that such views are not true. They clarify that eggs are a vital source of ‘good’ cholesterols, which go a long way in protecting your heart. These go on to say the excessive consumption of various processed food items are the primary culprits behind the cause of diabetes and the increase in obesity levels among the general populace. Moreover, they state that athletes should consume an egg daily for its nutritional value.

Norco Ranch eggs – The first choice of top athletes

Norco Ranch is one of largest producers of premier eggs to the residents of Southern California for more than four decades. The proficient experts of this family-owned farm business employ various comprehensive quality assurance programs to make sure the people of this area get the best products promptly and safely. This is what makes this establishment at cut above the rest in the poultry industry in the United States. In fact, various international food safety agencies in the country such as the Global Food Safety Initiative and the Safe Quality Food Program give their seal of approval to practices and processes these poultry farms adopt. E ven the United States Department of Agriculture gives its certification to this prominent egg supplier.

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Norco Ranch experts and prominent sports nutritionists say athletes should eat eggs for the followingthree important reasons:

  1. Vitamin-rich egg yolk

There is tendency among many athletes to eat the white portion of the egg while throwing away the yolk. They clarify that the yolk is rich in various kinds of minerals and vitamins. These include zinc, calcium, folic acid, lecithin iron and iodine, which are essential for enhancing their performance in the sport field.

  1. High source of protein

Athletes taking part in various sporting tournaments need to consume high-quality proteins in their diet. The yolk of a typical egg contains approximately 3 grams of protein while the egg white constitutes an equivalent value of this vital nutrient. If these sportspeople consume at least two eggs every morning it is equal to 14 grams you find in Greek yogurt.

  1. Omega 3 fats

Eggs contain a high levels of omega 3 fats especially the yolks. These fatty substances help to play a critical role in minimizing inflammation in various human body especially the regions of the blood vessels and the joints.

In addition to the above, Norco Ranch eggs also contain good cholesterol that act as essential steroids in testosterone synthesis and cell membrane construction. The magnesium in eggs improve recovery between two consecutive workouts and helps athletes to sleep better at night. This is why such expert recommend these sports persons to eat at least two eggs a day at breakfast.