It’s important for medical professionals to have a high-quality and accuracy-oriented stethoscope to do their duties perfectly. The device helps them listen to internal body sounds with clarity and diagnose patients well. Based on the clarity and lucidity of the sounds, doctors understand the problem in different body parts such as the heart, lung etc. and assess the movement of blood in veins and arteries. The device has to be loaded with new-age features to enable the task of auscultation in a better way. For that reason, the medical community trusts the littmann brand above all else.

Here are ways in which littmann stethoscopes help doctors diagnose patients well and better –

Two patented tunable diaphragms – The littmann brand of equipment come fitted with two patented tunable diaphragms for both pediatric and adults. This helps medics easily listen to any frequency of sounds with ease. They can thus help low as well as high-frequency sounds regardless of the age of their patient.

Two tubes in the design – Clear acoustics is the hallmark of any stethoscope branded 3M littmann and the design comes fitted with two tubes. The presence of the tubes means any noise artifacts get eliminated complete and clarity of sounds is achieved. This is how doctors can listen to clear body sounds and do justice to their day-to-day diagnosis.

Noise reduction technology – Noise can be a big deterrent to achieving flawless performance with stethoscopes. That’s why all tops equipment in this segment have noise reduction technology that can ensure clarity to a great level. It’s also possible to reduce the noise level by up to 75% over the bell and diaphragm operating range. Only then can you listen to body sounds in a better way and do the job with utmost ease.

Soft sealing ear tips – Comfort to wear has to be there since doctors may have to wear the device for a long period of time. So, it’d be great if you have stethoscopes with delicate sealing ear tips for make the device feel cozy upon wearing. There won’t be any pressure to hurt the ears and plus, the presence of sea can actually help sounds with superior clarity.

Durable design – The stethoscopes you look have should be capable of dealing with the wear & tear that comes from regular use. It has to be built tough using some resilient materials to deliver longevity. They have to last for several years as you’d not want to buy them anew every few years. It thus makes sense to buy the littmann brand of devices and add value to the profession.

Option of multiple colors – You don’t have to live with using only the black color stethoscope when there are plenty of other options as well. Why can’t you have your favorite color? You can have provided you search the available options out there in the market. There are in fact colors to match with your clothes. So, don’t hold back on anything and buy only the best quality stethoscope for the medical profession.