In Mississauga, a lot number of people are suffering from hair loss because of a sedentary lifestyle. When you talk about healthy hair, you have to look at the condition of healthy scalp. There can be many causes for hair fall like poor diet, no physical activity, harsh shampoo, prolonged sickness etc. Smoking and alcohol drinking are the also the main causes of hair loss. Hair is the first noticeable part of beauty. However, if you’re tired of trying the home remedy and still no effect has been seen on your hair loss problem then it’s high time that you should seek dermatologist help. There are many expert dermatologists in Mississauga hair loss clinic that strives hard to mitigate hair loss problem of their customers.

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Services that are offered by hair loss clinic

Hair loss clinic offers a complete range of services to treat your hair fall problem. Services offered by the clinics are mesotherapy, stem cell treatment, hair weaving, synthetic hair transplant, hair implant, PRP treatment and Laser hair stimulation treatment. The patients can thus choose from a range of services as per the affordability and convenience.

  1. Medication: If your hair loss is because of any deficiency of minerals and vitamins in the body, the doctor will prescribe you medicine for fast recovery. Your doctor may also prescribe you shampoo or oil for your hair.
  2. Surgery: Doctor advices for surgery if one has lost a major portion of his hair. During this procedure, the surgeon removes tiny plugs of skin from the back of your scalp each containing less hair. The surgeon will then transplant that skin into the area where you have lost maximum hair. You may be asked to take a hair loss medication before and after surgery to improve the results.
  3. Wig or hairpieces: You can also use a wig as an alternative to medical treatment to cover temporary or permanent hair loss.