What is a bong?

Most of the smokers may have seen a bong in hippie movies or may have tried it once in their youth. A bong is a smoking device in which one has to pour cold water in the flask and inhale the smooth smoke from the mouthpiece. These products are highly reliable to provide immense smoking pleasure. In earlier times, people try to make it with common household materials like a plastic bottle, clay flasks or even with metal pipes. Nowadays, you can avail them from various online stores like Cloud Chasers.

This online store provides a huge range of glass bongs in alluring designs and shapes. The rates are very reasonable and all the products are made up of high-quality glass material. Borosilicate is the material used to make these products. It is a high-performance glass as all the chemical lab products are made from such material. Being tasteless, glass provides you with the exact taste of the tobacco. Moreover, they are easily washable and you can clean it thoroughly after every usage.

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How to use a bong?

For the first timers using a bong can be little confusing but after regular use one can be habitual. All you have to do is to pour cold water in the flask up to a certain level. Then you have to place the cannabis or tobacco at the top of the stem and light it with fire.  With the help of mouthpiece, you have to inhale the smooth smoke and enjoy the sheer pleasure of smoking from it. The filtered smoke from this product is cooler and is less harmful than other smoking products.

The hot smoke can damage your lungs and may cause other internal injuries. With cool smoke using a bong can be much safer as the water traps most of the toxic particles from the smoke.