Radiologists are a major part of healthcare industry. They are medical doctors and are veteran to perform and interpret a variety of medical images used for diagnose such as CT scans, MRI, Ultrasound, Nuclear medicine and X-Ray and more.  Based in Michigan, Dr. Apparao Mukkamala MD completed his radiological course at Hurley Medical Center in Flint, MI, where he has now been chaired as the Head of the Radiology department.  Dr. Apparao is one of the 30 renowned physicians who initiated the NRI Academy of Sciences in MI. He is specializing in Radiology and Diagnostic Radiology and has completed his residency from Hurley Medical Center. As said above, Radiologists play a key role in medical healthcare.

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Varieties of Functions Performed- Apparao Mukkamala Notes Them


Typically, patients come to Radiologists as referred by Physicians. Their foremost job is to diagnose the ailment or disease in patients and for this; they undergo a variety of medical procedures backed by advanced medical tools. However, they follow the prescriptions and perform those radiological sessions that are recommended by Physicians. To name a few among these procedures include CT scan, MRI, and Ultrasound X-ray and so on. Once the procedure is completed they use those imaging tools and get a complete view of different organs as well, the disorders among them. Based on this, they make a comprehensive report making proper analysis.

Working together with Physicians

In large scale medical facilities, very often Radiologists work together with physicians and share their views about patient’s complications. In general, after getting the imaging report, they deliver them to the patient’s doctors for their information. Physicians use those reports and make planning for necessary rehabilitation course as per findings in the imaging and reports. For critical diseases such as Cancer, many times, physicians talk to Radiologist and discuss their opinions.

Patient Handling

While x-ray is quite a well known procedure, many patients get scared once they are recommended by physicians for MRI, Radioactive imaging, Mammography, Ultrasound or CT scan. The different medical apparatus in the procedure room often multiplies their anxiety in connection with their health status, especially those who are virtually detected with critical health diseases.  Being physicians, it is the duty of every Radiologist to talk friendly with their patients.

Before the procedure, they should also talk to the patients and try to understand their actual problems. Even though, they find anything abnormal like malignancy they can share those information with the patient’s family people but not with them. They should have high expertise level in their area of practices and should have the prowess to effectively diagnosis, analysis and offer management.

Apart from his long association with Hurley Medical Center, Dr. Apparao Mukkamala also serves the Owosso, Michigan based Memorial Health Care. As per opinion or Dr. Mukkamala that aside from diagnosis, radiologists also play a crucial role in healthcare facilities. They should work together with physicians particularly for critical cases and help administer best treatment to the diseased people. In severe cases where patients require chemotherapy or radiation treatments, radiologists work in conjunction with physicians and other medical team.