When you have confirmed that you are to undergo a laser eye surgery, you should ask your doctor how much does lasik eye surgery cost and how risky it could get. Patients can afford the cost of a LASIK surgery at around $299 per eye. However, it can be spike to as high as $4,000 per eye or even higher.

The price remains to be the most challenging factor that patients encounter along with their physical, mental, and psychological preparation. In that light, you should determine how much does LASIK eye surgery cost when you have insurance. However, since not all LASIK surgeries have insurance coverage, you should look for the availability of alternative means that can assist you with your financial needs just in time for your operation.

Here are three of the things that can influence the price of a LASIK surgery as well as some financial options that you can take advantage of:

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Factors that Influence the Price of a LASIK Eye Surgery

The Eye Surgeon

The price varies from one doctor to another because just like in any kind of service, there will be a difference in the quality of service that you will receive. The professional fee of surgeons who have extensive experience on LASIK surgeries will be a lot more expensive than those who have just started with their own practice. This is because they have attended training and seminars that can back them up and they have better accuracy than neophytes on that field.

The Equipment

If the doctor uses are sophisticated approach, one that uses modern technology, expect that the treatment will be expensive. A bladeless LASIK procedure will give you a less painful eye surgery with a faster recuperation. If a Wavefront technology is used in your operation, it will be a bit pricey because it has been proven to produce a sharper visual acuity compared to conventional counterparts.

The Location

If you live in an area where the cost of living is high, chances are you will be paying for the LASIK surgery at a higher price. People should understand that if basic needs in a geographical location such as food and housing are high, healthcare costs also expected to high. Since the cost of living has a direct relation to wages, income will be scaled against expenses.

Alternative Means That Can Help Fund Your LASIK Surgery

Health Savings Account

This savings account is offered by employers to cover the medical expenses of their employees. Ask whether the provider accepts the type of payment you have.

Flexible Spending Account

Employers also offer this savings account to those who work for them. Employees are able to deposit funds into this account, making them able to pay their medical bills and surgical operations such as LASIK. Talk to you provider in case you have questions to ask regarding fees.


If you want to pay on a monthly basis instead of paying for a huge bill, this is the best option for you. Applying for a CareCredit is somewhat similar to a credit card application; the only difference is that this type of funding focuses mainly on health expenses.

Tax Refund

When your tax refunds, you are sure to get funds for your LASIK eye surgery. But if you have other priorities than getting the eye operation, you can set aside the remaining money and use it when you have fully decided to get a scheduled operation.

Insurance Discounts

When your company offers you insurance, check whether they give out discounts with LASIK surgeries. Determine how much does LASIK eye surgery cost at a discounted rate. Check with your compensation and benefits officer the discounts you can get when you will undergo a LASIK surgery.

How much does LASIK eye surgery cost? It isn’t cheap but it is worth it. Be fully-aware of how it works. Go to http://www.umm.edu/health/medical/ency/articles/lasik-eye-surgery to read more about Lasik.
One of the biggest questions you need to deal with prior to laser eye operation is how much does lasik eye surgery cost. We help you consider different perspectives.