Physical therapy is a process where professional treat and evaluate irregular physical functions. Some diseases, injuries, conditions, and disabilities can cause immobility. The American Physical Therapy Association certifies and trains medical professionals on how to restore mobility and physical function in patients. The therapist promotes functionality and physical activities. Licensed therapists can be found in healthcare facilities, nursing homes, hospitals and private practices. Many research centers and government agencies also have licensed physical therapists. A lot of people wonder how physical therapists like the physical therapy specalists orange county  are different from conventional physicians. Well, there are many notable differences.

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Why do you need physical therapy?

First of all, physical therapists play a role in various stages of healing. They support from initial diagnosis to preventive measures. In general, physical therapy is a standalone procedure. In fact, it can be used to empower other treatments. A lot of doctors recommend physical therapists. Physical therapists perform the following tasks:

  1. They take care of treatment planning and create long-term goals.
  2. They evaluate the patient’s history, create testing procedures and help with mobility. Physical evaluation is required to improve the patient’s flexibility, movement, and posture. Also, they help with the joint motion and muscular performance.
  3. Physical therapies need continuous intervention and support from the therapist.
  4. The physical therapy comprises of many self-management strategies.

In most cases, the physical therapist trains the patients with planned exercises.

Who benefits from physical therapy?

So many people can benefit from physical therapy. The therapies are not restricted to people with physical injuries or diseases. Instead, you can use physical therapy to tone and improve your body. Therapists are educated to handle a wide range of medical situations. In fact, therapists specialize in certain medical conditions. Here are few treatments that need physical therapy:

  1. Patients with musculoskeletal dysfunction. This includes temporomandibular joint problems and rotator cuff tears
  2. Neurological conditions like the Parkinson’s disease, injuries in the spinal cord, traumatic brain injuries and stroke
  3. Sported related problems like tennis elbow and concussion
  4. Hand therapies for people with trigger finger and carpal tunnel syndrome
  5. Women with issues like urinary incontinence need physical therapy

This list is exhaustive. Almost everyone will need the support of a physical therapist at some point in time.

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Benefits of physical therapy

There are many benefits in availing physical therapy. Common benefits are:

  1. Improved physical balance
  2. Improved bodily movement and mobility
  3. The ability to avoid complicated surgeries
  4. Ability to get rid of pain
  5. Ability to prevent fall
  6. Quick recovery from severe health conditions like paralysis, stroke, and trauma
  7. Ability to handle age-related problems

There are several different types of physical therapies. Orthopedic physical therapy is extremely famous. As suggested by its name, it deals with the fascia, ligaments, muscles, and bones. It helps in handling medical conditions like sprains and fractures. Orthopedic physical therapy involves mobility training, strength training, and manual therapy. Few other physical therapies are neurological therapy, geriatric therapy, pulmonary rehabilitation and wound care therapy.